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规范的书写应该是 "When are you coming to Jian?"。瞬时动词 come 的现在进行时表示即将发生的动作,所以意思是 “你近期什么时候来吉安?”


when a person is tired,it means coming to an end. 当一个人厌倦了,便意味着结束。 双语对照 例句: 1. Iike your worid's coming to an end but it's not, ok? 你山穷水尽了,但其实不是这样的,嗯? 2. And in welcoming the end, surely i...

What's the world coming to when a guy's gotta crash his own party? 引导时间状语从句连词:when 主句主语:a guy 主句谓语:has gotta crash 主句宾语:his own party 从句主语:the world 从句谓语:is coming 从句状语:to what

C 试题分析:A. not more than不多于,最多,B. not less than 最少, C. no less than不亚于,竟达……之多D. no more than仅仅,句意:令人惊讶的是,在两国战争的时候多达三分之二的国民投票赞同他执政。所以选C。

小题1:D小题2:D小题3:A 略


歌手:diana krall 专辑:christmas songs I just came back from a lovely trip Along the Milky Way I stopped off at the North Pole To spend a holiday I called on dear old Santa Claus To see what I could see. He took me to his work...


Do you know what a resolution is? It`s a kind of promise. Most of the time ,we make promises to other people. ("Mom,I promise I`m ...

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