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what do you said? 你说了什么? 是个错句子 正确的是what did you say? 例句 What did you say? 'cried my sister, beginning to scream. 你说什么?我姐姐喊着,开始尖叫起来,哎哟! Excuse me? What did you say? I couldn't hear you. 什...


你在说什么 what are you saying

直译应该为“你说了什么?” 但是,正确用法应为what did you say? 或者what do you say? 前一种表示提问“你刚才说了什么”, 后一种表示询问对方的观点或看法,可译为“你觉得呢?”。


正确 What are you saying? 你在说什么? 双语例句 1 What are you saying? Naturally, i've had a few odd moments. 你们说什么?我当然会经常迷糊。 2 What are you saying? i could never--you have to, tatiana -你在说什么?我不会-你必须...

3.what do you mean by what you said? 是对的。 what do you mean 是一个完整的句子,不能直接接上一个名词性从句,但是可以由by引导一个状语。

you said you want to do what you believe 你说你想做你相信的

An 8 years old girl had a panic attack Cause the father she loved left and never look back No longer the hero she counted on He told her he loved her and then he was gone She tried to look happy in front her friends But knew th...

What are you dreeeming of My skin\’s still burning from your touch Oh I just can\’t get enough I said I wouldn\’t ask for much But your ...

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