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根据多部字典解释,应该是单数eye, catch one's eye. catch sb's eye to get someone's attention:A sudden movement caught my eye. 这是俚语用法,硬要用复数eyes也不能算错,但显得不地道。

【catch one's breath】 【喘息; 屏息】 【双语例句】 I could see his chest heaving up and down as he panted trying to regain his breath. 当他喘息尝试恢复他的呼吸,我可以看见他的胸部上下地用力举起。 Ralph let out his spare breath...

Catches one's breath 是一个英文成语 (idiom), 可以有两种意思 第一:因为看见某样东西或听见某件事被吓倒而抽了一口气 e.g. I caught my breath when I saw the notorious bully threw a punch across the poor boy's face. 第二:做运动后喘...

I'll be the one to catch you when you're falling from the skyI'll ...In my head, there will timePatient through to fight on the stage we ...

reward 2. Only when one is ___ of one’s getting behind is one more likely to catch up. A. feasibleB. awareC. sensitiveD. critical 3. I......


Catch one's heart,never be apart 抓住某人的心,永远不分开

catch one's eye The little girl is trying to catch her parents' eye. 那小女孩正努力引起父母的注意

用单数!这是个固定词组,意思是 to attract sb's attention 引起某人注意;惹人注目 例句:Can you catch that girl's eye? 你能引起那位女孩的注意吗? 希望能够帮助到您!

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