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stick to 后面跟现在分词. 例如: He sticks to learning the skill . 他坚持学这门手艺.

10分钟内有问必答前往下载 满意回答 Stick to sth 不放弃或不改变某事物,坚持或维持某事物 给出的例句: ――would you like some wine?你喝点葡萄酒吗? ------No, I’ll stick to beer,thanks.不,我还是喝啤酒吧。 We don’t want to hear your ...

stick to Sth 遵守,坚持 adhere to; persevere; be constant; remain determined You must stick to your promise.你必须遵守诺言。 He had five different jobs in the last year because he never sticks to anything very long.去年他调换了...


兄弟 是Stick to doing 吧 坚持做某事

He succeeded in finishing the work on time. 他成功按时完成了任务。 I will stick to running. 我会坚持跑步。


你是不是搞错了,没有stick to doing 吧. We must stick to our promise whether or no. 不管怎样,我们心须遵守诺言。

stick to 主要是坚持的意思,坚持做某事常用。 cling to 抓住 形容某人的行为常用。 adhere to 常用于土壤临近,挨着某地。

你好,1 insist on (doing)sth.是坚持某种做法,意见,主张。如:They insisted on leaving that day. 他们坚持要在那天走。2 stick to (doing) sth.是坚持原则,计划,诺言,决定,真理,路线等。 如:He always sticks to his promise plan....

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