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有这种说法的,意思是需要花更多的时间 much 需要花很多时间 much more 需要花比原先多很多的时间 more 需要花更多时间

spend... in doing sth spend...doing sth spend...on sth

因为这是英语国家自身所做的规定,是一个“是什么”的问题,而不是一个“为什么”的问题. spend有两种用法:1.spend (in) doing sth 2.spend on sth

Environmental problems arising for two reasons: one is the natural causes of occurrence, such as various natural disasters and various local disease,Two is the human causes, this one is more important, such as the abuse of nat...

你好,很高兴为你解答,答案如下: as young people spend more time on conputers 作为一个年轻人花更多的时间在计算机 希望我的回答对你有帮助,满意请采纳

1 What do you thik I have to do ? 2、The earth is like a large ball.(划线提问: a large ball) ( What ) is the earth ( like ) ? 3、Suqian is north of Yangzhou.(改同义句) Yangzhou is (on ) the (south ) of Suqian. 4、Class Five is ...


"joining in"参加---活动 spend---时间+doing sth花时间做某事

这个句子不完整。是themore...the more“越……越……”。你所提供的部分中,主语是you,宾语是the more time 。宾语前置

B be for 为赞成的意思,而be against 表示反对的意思,根据意思,可知答案为B

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