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nothing lasts forever 没有什么是永恒的 百科释义 1. 诸行无常 2. 世无定事 例句: 1. Nothing lasts forever in this world. 在这个世界上什么万古长青. 2. But, as the arab spring has shown, nothing lasts forever. 但是正如阿拉伯之春所展...



take me to your heart 有一句是they say nothing lasts forever,不过这首歌表达的好像不是一个人对爱情没有了信心。。。。

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)-Fall Out Boy B-b-be careful making wishes in the dark, dark 暗影中中要小心祈祷 Can't be sure when they've hit their mark 很难保证他们在达成自己的愿望后会给你兑现 And besides ...

理论上是正确的 但是如果把does换成can 结构会更对仗 而且逻辑会更说得通

迈克学摇滚的《take me to your heart 》 hiding from the rain and snow trying to forget but i won't let go looking at a crowded street listening to my own heart beat so many people all around the world tell me where do i find som...



nothing is meant to ask forever ,so I guess the matter all time ,keep holding on ——艾薇儿 应该是 whered you go离者如斯--fort

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