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金泰妍的《I》最后一句是My life is a beauty,我之前也听成了so


不对,beauty是名词,应改为beautiful 形容词

应该是少女时代的队长——金泰妍和Verbal Jint合唱的的《I》,歌词应该是:My life is so beauty.保证对,你可以去优酷上看看MV。

推荐,挺好听的一首歌。是泰妍迷你一辑的主打歌 I 。

《 I 》歌名就叫这个

Beauty in my life 我生命中的美 The love for beauty is a nature of all human beings. It is common to see everyone will dressed up before go out. Why more and more people are focus on beautiful now? I think become more beautiful ...

皮其所嫩sky~ 可阿咧索I~ 更古嘟西fly~ My life is Beauty Yeah,哦地丝吗里嘟里波里亚给 米扭里我别个搜,都那该就那逼 丝拉地里莫拉,诺那也给莫巴! 里...

bicheul sodneun Sky geu arae seon ai I kkumkkudeusi Fly My Life is a Beauty eodiseo manhi deureobon iyagi miun oriwa baekjo tto nalgi...

陈慧琳 - Love Paradise You're always on my mind All day just all the time You're everything to me Brightest star to let me see You touch me in my dreams We kiss in every scene I pray to be with you through rain and shiny days I...

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