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my liFE so BEAuty

应该是少女时代的队长——金泰妍和Verbal Jint合唱的的《I》,歌词应该是:My life is so beauty.保证对,你可以去优酷上看看MV。

金泰妍的《I》最后一句是My life is a beauty,我之前也听成了so

推荐,挺好听的一首歌。是泰妍迷你一辑的主打歌 I 。

my life is a beauty 我的生活是一个美人 my life is a beauty 我的生活是一个美人

I - 태연 (金泰妍)/버벌진트 (Verbal Jint) 词:태연/Mafly/버벌진트(Verbal Jint) 曲:Myah Marie Langston/Bennett Armstrong/Justin T. Armstrong/Cosmopolitan Do...


《 I 》歌名就叫这个

我记住的歌词是you change my life patiently,l love to be loved,oh,baby。...Your beauty is just blinding me 你的美丽蒙蔽了我的双眼Like sunbeams on a...

Beauty in my life 我生命中的美 The love for beauty is a nature of all human beings. It is common to see everyone will dressed up before go out. Why more and more people are focus on beautiful now? I think become more beautiful ...

Cause all I need is a beauty and a beatWho can make my life completeIt's all by you, when the music makes you moveBaby do it like you doCause...

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