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可能早期的大麻弄得和蜡烛一样 燃起来也PI LI PA LA的

拜托前面各位有没有查过字典 light可以是及物动词表示点燃.这里就是,点燃蜡烛 而light up sth表示照亮什么.这里我敢确定是light the candle 我上课举过例句的,高中知识啊

电影的原句是这样的: I used to candle eggs at my grandfather's farm; hold an egg up to a light and look for imperfections. The first ...

light a candle for peace 为和平点燃一根蜡烛 light a candle for peace 为和平点燃一根蜡烛

歌曲名:Light A Candle 歌手:Amanda Stott 专辑:Images Of Christmas Light A Candle Avalon light a candle for the old man who sits staring out a frosty windowpane light a candle for the woman who is lonely and every Christmas is th...

与其诅咒黑暗,不如自己点一根蜡烛。 引申意思就是不要只是抱怨,要采取行动。

歌曲名:Light A Candle 歌手:Ernie Haase & Signature Sound 专辑:Every Light That Shines At Christmas Neil Young - Light A Candle Instead of cursing the darkness, Light a candle for where we're going, There's something ahead, wort...

你好! 这是一句来自歌名"Last Ride of the Day"的歌词,由Nightwish演唱。 全歌如下。 Nightwish - Last Ride Of The Day We live in every moment but this one Why don't we recognize the faces loving us so What's God if not the spark t...


light candles 点燃蜡烛 例句 candles n. 蜡烛( candle的名词复数 ); 双语例句 You got any incense or scented candles or something? 你这里有没有熏香或者香精蜡烛之类的东西?

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