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to + do, let sb. (to) do sth., to 省略; let sb. + adv.(副词), 是固定用法, 类似的还有 let sb. around, let sb. down, keep sb. out, take sb. out, etc.

让猫从包里出来 引申意思“走漏了风声”、“说走了嘴”、“泄漏秘密’”、“真相大白”等意思。 语法点:let sb do sth let 是使役动词(Causative Verb) 1.make /have/ let +sb +do sth. 2.get/set/leave + sb to do/doing sth. 小议“使役动词”的用法 1...

Let's go home. Mother let John go out to play yesterday.

ask sb. to do sth.要求某人做某事

i just want someone to let me make trouble out of nothing 我只是想让别人让我出了麻烦 此句语法点是want sb to do sth.想让别人做某事。 1.want sb to do sth 想要某人做某事 He wants you to see him in London without fail. 他要你务必在...

新目标英语八年级下学期重点短语与句型 Name:_________________Unit 1 Will people have robots1.There will be sth.= There is /are going to be sth. 将有….. free 空闲的 3.on computer 在电脑上 to be + 岁数 活到… 5.fewer +可...

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