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How old is his grandma?

都是grandmother的简写,两个都不是正式的用法,granny[5^rAnI]n.老奶奶; 祖母; 外婆;grandma[5^rAnmB:, 5^rAndmB:]n.(口语)奶奶,外婆。区别就是grandma用的更多一点,而且granny不但能只你的亲戚还能指其他老奶奶~

A Good Deed One winter holiday, I went home by train.I was reading an interesting book while a voice said to me: "Would you please let me take your seat for a while? "! raised my head and found an old granny standing beside me....


Granny is coming for lunch________ Christmas ...Every day the old man takes these children home...China and Japan is _______the east of China...


You helped a granny cross the road? You got ...How old should a child be before starting art?...70. D。作者观点题。根据第一段以及最后一段的...


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