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inspring 双语例句 1. I was expressed by his inspring words, so I decided to retart my career. 他令人鼓舞的话打动了我,我决定重新开始我的事业。 2. Sales of this new productwill begin inspring on the price of approximately 700 do...

填is,时态都是一般现在时。rainy是个形容词,意思是:多雨的。和经常下雨意思一样。good luck。


在名词前加上the就是说明你在说特定的一样东西in spring指的可以是任何一个春天in the spring指定的是一个特别的春天

Today is the first day of 2009 in the lunar calendar.There is no something special any more.That is because I have grow up.Several days ago a student I knew him on the internet asked me whether I liked spring festival.I said I ...

It is warm in spring. 春天很暖和。


_what is the weather in spring here?


In China,spring returns in March(改为同义句) In China,spring --comes------ ---back---- in March.

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