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hupAo spring中文翻译

spring英 [sprɪŋ] 美 [sprɪŋ] n.春季; 泉水,小溪; 弹簧,弹性; 跳跃; vi.跳,跃; 突然发出或出现; 发源; 劈开,裂开; vt.突然跳出; 跳过; 使开裂; [例句]Plant out the spring cabbage whenever opportunities arise. 一有...

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . . . Ⅰlike spring best, because i can fly kites.

求一篇自己作为导游,介绍杭州景点的英语作文,字数150左右的。谢谢!Hupao Spring (Tiger Running Spring) Hupao Spring is located six kilometers from Hangzhou city...


What's the weather like in spring? It's often fine and warm.It some times rains.仿写两个句子. What's the weather like in Beijing? It's often windy in autumn and snowy in winter. It sometimes rains heavily in summer. What's the ...

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