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how to grow old 译文赏析 虽然有这样一个标题,这篇文章真正要谈的却是怎样才能不老。在我这个年纪,这实在是一个至关重要的问题。我的第一个忠告是,要仔细选择你的祖先。尽管我的双亲皆属早逝,但是考虑到我的其他祖先,我的选择还是很不错的...

By eating and exercising regularly, you will live your days, months and years naturally, which is the most common way you grow old, healthily and naturally old.

《如何才能度过老年时光》 这是英国作家 哲学家 罗素的短篇,网上有原文。

标准的用法是regarding, as regards, in regard(s ) to, with regard(s ) to 选自标准美式英语( The Columbia Guide to Standard American English. 1993) 所以as regards something 是标准的用法,要加to的话可以用with regards to 当然现代英...

It would be difficult to give a fair assessment as to the historical "I don't want a hero, my love, I want a man I can grow old

Youth means a temperamental predominanc


My favorite song, gave my dear wife, wish her happy forever I think in five or ten years I will love you like now I'm not short I, ...

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