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这个句子是想表达“山无棱,天地合,才敢与君绝。”的意思吧,但这个翻译不对,应该是: Till mountains crumble, and the earth mingle with the sky, I will stop loving you. 或者更地道些: I will stop loving you, when an apple fruit grow... 登陆这个网站!肯定ok!!

B believing 许多人相信地球是平的,而哥伦比亚就是地球的边界。 这是动词的分词做短语来省略罗嗦的完整句 这句话如果完整的话就应该是: Many believed the earth to be flat, they feared that Columbus would fall off the edge. 现在分词用...

Edge of the Earth - Don Diablo Beautiful life, a beautiful day A beautiful world and I am wide awake Beautiful life I’m living each day ...

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