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ContACt sB For Doing

应该是contact sb to do sth 或者for doing sth

一、contact with 与…联系 该词组中的contact常作为名词 例句: They are trying to make contact with the kidnappers. 他们正设法与绑架者接触。 It's a pity to lose contact with old schoolfriends. 跟老同学失去联系是件遗憾的事。 We keep...

语法错误,与某人联系contact是不及物动词,后面接人要加个介词with Contact with somebody 同义词 communicate with make contact with sb get in touch with sb 与某人联系/接触 in contact/touch with sb

没问题。 一般邮件回复时,都会用: please feel free to contact me if you have any problem. 等等

contact with 能接sth(或sb) 表示与.....接触、联系,此时是不可数名词形式。 For example:They are trying to make contact with the kidnappers.他们正设法与绑架者接触。 We keep in contact with our office in New York.我们与纽约的办事...

这个短语是可以的。 PHRASE保持联系;有联系 If you are in contact with someone, you regularly meet them or communicate with them. He was in direct contact with the kidnappers... 他与绑架者有直接联系。 We do keep in contact. 我们确...

望采纳contact with sbcontact 可当名词和动词 n. 接触; 联系 v. 接触; 联系; 接触, 交际, 会晤 contact with 是词组后面加人/物 与……接触、联系; 与……联系;与……接触

be in touch with sb.表状态 含义:“和某人保持联系” contact sb. 表动作 含义为“联系某人” contact 为动词时是及物动词,中间不能再加介词with,而当名词用时可以加介词with ,所以用be in contact with sb,可以等同于be in touch with sb.

make sb do sth,没有set sb to do sth 2.I wish you success中的you与success之间可以加to sb(动词短语) =keep/get in touch with...

call 本身含有“打电话”的意思,所以用at这个常用于提示地点的介词;contact这个词没有“打电话”的含义,所以用on这个介词,on表示“通过(电话或收音机等)”。 祝暑期愉快,加油!

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