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The City of Ember 微光城市

The City of Ember 微光城市; 微光之城 "Well-paced, this contains a satisfying mystery, a breathtaking escape over rooftops in darkness, a harrowing journey into the unknown, and cryptic messages for readers to decipher. The sett...

本身的意思是:The embers of a fire are small pieces of wood or coal that remain and glow with heat after the fire has finished burnin 大概翻译为火燃尽后还剩下少许木头或煤发出的光和热。 翻译成灰烬之城 余烬之城肯定也没错,但只是...

◎译 名 微光城市/余辉之城 ◎片 名 City of Ember ◎年 代 2009 ◎国 家 美国 ◎类 别 奇幻/冒险/家庭 ◎语 言...

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