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歌曲名:can we talk 歌手:code red 专辑:Scarlet Last night i I saw you standing And I started Started pretending That I knew you, and you knew me too And just like a roni You were too shy But you werent the only cause so was i An...

can we talk? 我们可以 说话吗?

歌曲名:Can We Talk 歌手:Sanchez 专辑:Can We Talk Can We Talk-Tevin Campbell Last night I I saw you standing I started, started pretending That I knew you You knew me too And just like a Roni you were too shy But you weren't the...



歌曲名:Can We Talk About It 歌手:李玟 专辑:Just No Other Way Can We Talk About It 李玟 By KIKI Boy I know that something ain't right Between me and you It's plan to see I haven't spent enough time just with you Boy I feel so ba...

can we talk a little bit English"? 我们能谈一点点英语吗?

we can talk and play in english_有道翻译 翻译结果: 我们可以用英语说话和玩 we_有道词典 we 英 [wiː] 美 [wi] pron. 我们(主格);笔者,本人(作者或演讲人使用);朕,寡人 n. (We)人名;(缅)韦 更多释义>> [网络短语] We 我们,我们...

我们过些时候再谈论这件事好吗英文翻译: Shall we talk about it later? Can we talk about this matter later? Can we talk about this later?


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