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优惠券 英文

优惠券 [名] coupon; value voucher; [例句]持下面的优惠券到任意一家Tecno专卖店,只需付10.99英镑。 Bring the coupon below to any Tecno store and pay just £ 10.99.

优惠券赠送 英文:Gift coupons 优惠券 英文:coupon; value voucher ; 赠送 英文:give as a present; present as a gift; compliment away; donate towards largess ;

直接用coupon。 Coupon:a piece of paper which can be used to get something withoutpaying for it or at a reduced price

楼上说的都对,我在此继续补充几个。 优惠的英文: preferential favorable concession 例句: 1.Domestic preference not applicable.国内优惠不适用。 2.15% off with this flyer凭此宣传品优惠15% 3.Application of preferential income tax...

coupon; Coupons; Vouchers; 一般首选Coupons

图中的优惠券: A coupon in the picture.

When the minimum consumption amount reached 200RMB, you will be rewarded with coupon.

discount和coupon通常不会一起用 比如说那家店今天8折优惠酬宾我们就可以说:今天XX店有discount。 coupon就是我们现在说的优惠券,也包括那些报纸上面那些要剪下来的角落广告,还有M仔、KFC的那些一格一格的优惠券。 可以用下面的造句来区分: ...

很高兴帮助你 我是英语专业的学生,今天刚刚考完了,心情很愉快。看到这个问题就点进来了,信手写了一篇可能有错,看看能不能帮到你 大概190个词 As is known to us all,when it comes to shopping,we can't help thinking of some coupons prov...

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