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用givE (sB) pErmission to Do sth造句

The teacher gave me permission to go home early 老师允许我早点回家 希望可以帮到你 么么哒

你好:为你提供精确解答 不定式是做的宾语补足语。没错的。 这个句子的直接宾语和间接宾语是sb和permission。 谢谢,不懂可追问 学习宝典团队为你解答

Boss gives Andy a way to earn more money.

My teacher asks me to hand in my homework on time.我的老师要求我要按时交作业

首先需要对词汇的意思进行熟悉 give 【动词】给;付出;送给;让步;给予;授予;把某物给某人 【名词】弹性;伸展性 常用搭配: give sb sth 或者 give sth to sb 例句: Please give me your paper. 请给我你的论文。 Please give your paper ...

The teacher often encourages students to make up their own dialogues .这个老师经常鼓励学生编造他们自己的对话。

I want to watch a movie.我想看一部电影. She wants to go shopping.她想去购物. He wanted to be a scientist when he was a child.他小时候想当一名科学家

(1)It is wise for them to turn down the suggestion. (2)It is impossible for me to finish the job.(3)It is possible for you to get there in only 15 minutes.(4)It's hard for him to give up smoking.(5)It is important for...

give sb sth to do 给某人做某事 ---------------------------------- 如有疑问欢迎追问! 满意请点击右上方【满意】按钮

The doctor advised my father to give up smoking .

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