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你好! 感官 sensory 英[ˈsensəri] 美[ˈsɛnsəri] adj. 感觉的,感受的,感官的; 传递感觉的; [例句]For the cumulative impact of sensory, cognitive or decisional overstimulation, creates sickness in our midst....

是"一感二听三让四看半帮助". 一感:feel 二听: hear , listen to , 三让: make , have ,let 五看: see, watch , look at . observe , notice 半帮助: help (指其后的不定式可带可不带to) 这些动词后,如跟不定式作宾补,则在主动语态中, 不定式不...



你好, 常见的感官动词有: see, watch, look at, notice, observe (五看) listen to, hear (二听) feel, find (二感觉) 望采纳。

Our eyes are very important and precious to us.We see things with eyes,and we read books with eyes.To protect our eyes,firstly we should not get too close when we are reading and writing.Secondly,we should always take rest if d...

感官动词表示人的感官动作,可作完全及物动词或不完全及物动词,如:listen to(听),hear(听见),see(看见),watch(观看),look(看),feel (感觉) (A)感官动词(及物动词)有: see/notice/look at/watch/observe/listen to/hear/feel(Vt)/taste...

常见的感官动词有:see, watch, look at, notice, observe (五看); listen to, hear (二听); feel, find (二感觉)。

检测的标准 File Open and Close; [例句] 结合电感等离子离子源,质谱是水中重金属等元素的检测的标准方法。 Combined with inductive coupled plasma source, MS can determine if water ispolluted by elements like As or Pb.

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