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My idol is

偶像 英语:idol ; icon 双语例句: 他曾是我的偶像。 He was my idol. 就像《圣经》中说我们的心里不应该有偶像。 And the Bible says there should be no idols in our hearts. 爸爸:当然不想啊,我得回去看我的《美国偶像》。 Dad:Of cours...


My Idol My idol is Wu Yifan. He is a Chinese. He is 25 years old. He has a pair of beautiful gemstone-looking eyes and black hair. He is 1.87 meter tall. He likes playing basketball and RAP. He is a good man. He is hard-working...

idol英 [ˈaɪdl] 美 [ˈaɪdl] n.偶像,崇拜物;幽灵;谬论;幻觉 例句: You are my idol. 你是我的偶像! He became the idol of the New World. 他在新世界成了偶像。

My idol My hero

My favorite idol is Kim, he has many interests, such as: singing, dancing, piano, composer. Favorite animals are puppies. Everyone has their own dreams, he is no exception, the dream is to become a well-known and respected sing...


我的偶像:my idol idol [aidl] n. 偶像, 崇拜物, 幻象, [逻]谬论 习惯用语 make an idol of sb. 崇拜[迷信]某人[某物] make an idol of sth. 崇拜[迷信]某人[某物] e idol 因风度漂亮而备受女性观众欢迎的红演员 idols of the cave 由于离群索...

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