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What's o'clock in your place ___竭诚为您解答,麻烦亲不吝赐一个好评,感激不尽! ___竭诚为您解答,麻烦亲不吝赐一个好评,感激不尽!

what is your time

你那里是几点钟? What time is it for you? 你那里是几点钟? What time is it for you?


最简单的直接把时间数字读出来,比如8.30就是eight thirty

此句可以说成You there how many points? 哈哈,,开玩笑的。。 下面是正确的说法What time is it now in your city (district) district 是地区的意思。 Hope it helps xD

The time here is 12:00 a.m.,waht is the time of your place

What's the time in your time zone? Are you going to start ur job? 慎用,用过之后就表示你现在不是很方便和他说话了。

Don't you know the time now? 或者Don't you know what time it is?

Could you tell me what is time now?

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