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the first semester of the 1st grade in the high school

Senior One或者是Grade One of Senior High School

楼上在干嘛呢. I study in high school, grade one.

senior one 高中: senior middle school; senior ... 一: one 年级: grade; year 【例句】1. I was in first year high school when we learned that he was diagnosed as having lung cancer 当我们得知他被诊断出肺癌的时候,我正上高中一年级...

last semester of my senior high school 或last term of my senior high school second semester of my senior high school 或 second term of ...

你好,很高兴为您解答\(^o^)/~祝你学业有成 when I was in senior one

高中和高一学生 High school and high school students 重点词汇 高中senior middle school; senior school; high school; senior high school 学生student; pupil; disciple; follower; scholastic


高一年级用英语 Senior One of High School.

我是高一1班的学生 I am a student of class 1, grade one

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