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第三题应选A 表示我本不该看那部惊悚的电影的 第四题应选B 推测语气用在否定句中应用can't

情态动词: 1.-Can I go fishing with you,Dad? -No,you _____.You ______stay at home and do your homeworkfirst. A.won't;may B.can't must C.shouldn't;ought D.needn't; should 2.-Do you know whose dictionary it is? -It ______ Li Mei's...

1. A 可能(不太肯定)2. D can 能够 现在和过去 be able to 能够 各种时态 3. A 4. B must 必须5. B

情态动词不能表示正在发生或已经发生的事情,只表示期待或估计某事的发生。情态动词 除ought 和have 外,后面只能接不带to 的不定式。

must表示必须反义疑问句用must't must表示必要反义疑问句用needn't must be表示推测时用be的现在时形式 must have done对过去某一时间的事情推测用didn't must have done对发生在过去但对现在造成影响的动作进行推测用haven't must not 表示禁止...


就八题了 情态动词练习题 1 (A) 1 John___ come to see us tonight, but he isn't very sure yet. A. may B. canC. has to D. must (D) 2 They ___ do well in the exam. A. can be able to B. be able to C. can able to D. are able to (A) 3 ...

1. In China even barren mountains_____ turned into fertile fields. A)can B) can be C) is able to D) is able to be 2. At that time we thought the story_____ not be true. A)could B)was able C)is able D)must 3. You_____ the work b...

当must表示猜测时是80%以上的很可能的意思。 must+do表示对现在猜测 must+have done+过去时间,表示对过去的猜测 must+be+doing表示对正在进行的猜测 must have been late,相当于he was late,只是不能十分肯定,所以用了猜测,因此其反义疑问要...

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